About Carolina Mailboxes

Carolina Mailboxes has always been about helping people more easily get their mail, while also adding beautiful curb appeal to neighborhoods.

Founded by John Cornelius in 1997 as his second career, the company has since remained a family-owned business with deep roots in North Carolina.

John's Vision....

John's vision was to create a family owned and operated business that could be passed down through generations, and that continued to serve the areas need for beautiful mailboxes and decor.

Throughout his presidency, John created an environment that exemplified employees joining together in a family-like atmosphere with excellent customer satisfaction and service at the forefront. With his children, cousins, nieces, and nephews employed at Carolina Mailboxes over the years, it's been passion-infused family blood that's kept the company mission alive.

John passed away in 2007 and his wife, Carla, continued his legacy by sustaining her husband's core desire to help neighborhoods stay connected through mail. 

Even with fast-changing technology and ways for people to communicate, the Carolina Mailboxes family remains certain that good old fashioned mail still offers the genuine human connection everyone craves and needs most.