Why can't I just order a mailbox or system on Amazon?

You can definitely order your mailbox or system anywhere online, but keep in mind that your neighborhood might have specific requirements that other retailers won’t know to communicate to you. The team at Carolina Mailboxes monitors your local post office mailbox regulations as well as the requirements of your neighborhood’s Homeowners Association.

Can I install my own mailbox or system?

We believe you can do anything you set your mind to, of course! However, keep in mind that each neighborhood must follow certain guidelines put in place by the U.S. postal service, and our team stays up to date with the latest regulations in your neighborhood. We offer turnkey installation of all mailboxes as part of your order, so you don’t have to worry about any of the extra stuff!

How far away does my mailbox have to be from the street?

While distance regulations might vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, the standard distance is 35-42 inches from the pavement to the post. The face of your mailbox can extend up to 6 inches to the edge of the pavement.

What are your mailboxes made from?

Our mailboxes are made of steel or aluminum, which makes them a challenge to ship to some places due to the sheer weight of them.  

Can I have my mailbox shipped to me?

Since our products are built to last using steel and aluminum materials, it’s challenging to ship some of them due to their sheer weight. Even still, we’re here to help. Give us a call to find out if the product you’re interested in can be shipped.

Can I stick around while you're installing my mailbox?

Sure thing! Our team loves a nice chit chat while we’re setting up your mailbox or system, although it’s not a requirement to get the job done well! Keep in mind that we don’t set exact appointment times, only blocks of time that we estimate we’ll arrive onsite for setup. If you’re interested in being there while we’re installing, give us a ring so we can set that up for you!

Do you dispose of old mailboxes?

Sure do! We understand how challenging it can be to dispose of oddly shaped objects like mailboxes, so we’re happy to take them off your hands at no additional cost! We make sure your mailbox gets recycled safely. 

What type of repair services do you offer?

Even mailboxes have bad days! We can help give your mailbox the makeover it deserves from keypad resets, box replacements, new number installs, and painting services. 

What warranty do you offer?

Your satisfaction is highly important to us! Our warranty covers manufacturer & material defects and/or workmanship issues for one year from the date of installation. 

Do you remove or replant items growing on or around my mailbox?

While we position ourselves as your mailbox experts, we don’t know too much about landscaping. It’s important that you remove any plants, pavers, stones, or any other obstructive material from the installation location before we arrive to ensure a smooth setup.

Do you sell hinges and other similar accessories?

We sell mailbox locks and mailbox numbers. Our products are built to last, but we understand that weather can be unforgiving sometimes. All of our products carry warranties that cover material defects for the first year. If you purchased an item over a year ago and are experiencing issues, please contact

Can you tell me what mailbox I have for my neighborhood?

Many of our mailboxes are named after their perspective neighborhoods, but if you can't find your mailbox, please contact us directly at 704-334-3393. One of our friendly neighborhood guides is more than happy to help you!

I can't find the right mailbox for my neighborhood. Now what?

Please contact us directly at 704-334-3393. One of our friendly neighborhood guides is more than happy to help you!

Can you send me a mailbox only replacement?

Yes! With most of our mailbox systems, we're able to replace the mailbox alone without you having to order the post. If you're having trouble placing an order on our site, please give us a call at 704-334-3393.

Can you repaint my mailbox or send me matching paint for it? 

We offer paint touch ups, but not full-blown repainting. There are some folks in the area who do mailbox refurbishment that we can certainly recommend. Give us a call at 704.334.3393, and we can give you a referral!

Can I manually apply my mailbox numbers?

You sure can! Our vinyl numbers apply best with an extremely clean surface. We recommend cleaning the placement spot well and using something like a credit card to press the numbers onto your box smoothly. Watch this video for further help. 

Do you know the HOA regulations for my neighborhood?

We keep tabs of all HOA regulations for the neighborhoods we serve and we're working hard to get this information listed on our site! Until then, however, please give us a call at 704.334.3393. We're happy to help you!